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Baerami Thoroughbreds, located halfway between the Widden Valley and Jerry's Plains, is in the heart of the Hunter Valley's best horse breeding country. For over a century this fertile land has been producing many of Australia's finest horses.

A combination of rich soils, moderate weather and an excellent water supply from the bordering National Park provides the perfect environment for well grown, healthy and sound horses.

Baerami Thoroughbreds has been owned and managed by Paul Higgins since 1994. A family history of involvement with horses and a passion for the industry has given Paul a lifetime of stud experience in Australia and overseas. At Baerami Thoroughbreds, skills and resources are dedicated to providing the best possible care and attention for your horse

Each horses needs are assessed with a view to ensuring long term benefits that will stand it in good stead throughout its career whilst achieving optimum growth rates throughout its developmental phases. This is why so many of the yearlings marketed by Baerami Thoroughbreds are successful as racehorses and are in high demand in the sales ring.

Baerami Thoroughbreds reputation for providing a superior standard of care for yearlings is due to its unique intensive programming and monitoring of your horse. (California Dane ex Sirocco Mist below)

Grown out in large, open, undulating paddocks with access to good forage, a balanced diet, and gentle exercise, each yearling is also provided with a scientifically formulated diet unique to its individual needs and immediate environment.

When walking out to local stallions, mares at Baerami Thoroughbreds enjoy a minimum of traveling because of the farms central location in the valley.

When at home, the farm offers a safe environment and lightly stocked paddocks ideal for mares and young foals.

Consistently boasting a farm fertility rate of over 90%, the highly successful breeding seasons are a testament to the quality of care, the depth of experience, and the professional environment which the Higgins have created at Baerami Thoroughbreds.

Providing a level of professionalism that you should learn to expect for your thoroughbred investment, Baerami Thoroughbreds exceptional end-to-end service continues when your yearling is ready for sale. A proactive marketing program complements the meticulous preparation and presentation of your horse.

Baerami Thoroughbreds is a beautiful farm, providing a fabulous environment for winning bloodstock and an ongoing commitment to care.

If you would like to come and see how horses grow up at Baerami Thoroughbreds, please contact Paul Higgins on 0265 475 136 or email info@baeramithoroughbreds.com

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