Where IS That Tiger

21 September 2010

It's not often we cheer the progeny of another farms stallions but on Saturday the win of Divorces did bring a wry smile to our collective faces. Apart from the name, she is from Family Breakup who is presently waiting to foal down a first crop Where's That Tiger at Evergreen Stud. By Octagonal from the good group winner Royal Accord, Family Breakup is due in a few weeks before returning to Domesday. Of course we would have loved her back to WTT but it was nice that the same owners sent up Lady Jakeo on Saturday morning for us to serve with him instead, a mare we would consider a fairly handy replacement. After all not every stallion in the country gets given mares good enough to win a Blue Diamond and Australia Stakes, especially withsuch a pedigree.

Now these are a fine duo of mares, top end by any reckoning, yet they do not stand alone amongst the quality that WTT has received. Moondreamer, a Danehill mare with style, foaled a beautiful bay colt by WTT just last week and Andrew Russell raved that the WTT x Dame Matico foal was as good as anything he had on farm this year.WTT also served mares by Canny Lad and Mr Prospector, the stakes winning Brocco Babe who hails from a superb family, not to mention daughters of Shadeed and his sire Nijinsky, Capote, a Red Ransom mare from Compulsion. The list is long and illustrious.

Now the 'sheep' that grace our industry under the guise of being breeders have long since stopped reading and gone in search of a glossy brochure and a free lunch but if you are here then you have at least a modicum of free thought. You are already asking yourself both 'why' and 'how can I make this work for me'. The why is simple. WTT was campaigned by a successful group of businessmen who new just what they had. They are also smart enough to know that progeny inherit the traits that allow them to run, not the ability to run. So when you have a stallion that is as well bred as any in the world and he has demonstrated that the genes have come through and manifested themselves as ability then there is a high chance they will also be inherited by the stallions progeny. Phew.

So now the second question, how can I make this work for me. Simple also. Send a marein subsequentseasons. These same canny business men have invested to make money for themselves and their strategy is easy to follow - buy some nice mares to put in foal to him, breed some great looking athletic individuals, raise them properlyand send them to the best trainers around. They intend to capitalise on the ability that was present in WTT before a fractured sesamoid curtailed their plans. Your job is to ride on their coat tails and back them for success. And when they succeed you sell your progeny into a rising market short on the product you have to sell. It is the smart play and any breeder, large or small, should be all about risk/reward, capitalising on investment, seeking opportunities.

Where IS That Tiger
21 September 2010

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